How to Quickly Chill a Bottle of Wine

How to Quickly Chill a Bottle of Wine

Let’s not waste any time. Here’s how to get a bottle of wine chilled to the perfect temperature in relatively no time at all: Wrap a wet towel around it and stick it in the freezer. That’s it!

In a freezer alone, a bottle of room-temperature wine will take about an hour to cool down to 50 degrees, the ideal drinking temperature. America’s Test Kitchen illustrates how to cut that time in half, in the video above. Wrapping a wet towel around the bottle works because the water in the towel conducts the heat out of the wine faster than the cool air alone.

Also relevant: This trick works for quick chilling beer, too, which is best served between 33 and 55 degrees, depending on the brew.

In just 30 minutes, your chilled bottle of wine will be ready to drink. Just run warm water over the frozen towel to release it from the bottle.

Source: Huffington Post