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Ambrosia Fine Wines

Ambrosia Fine Wines specializes in the procurement, distribution, and sale of fine and rare wines. We pride ourselves in our selection of highly rated, hard to find, limited production wines from all over the world: from grower produced Champagnes to elaborate Japanese sake, and more. We are a reliable, curated source of mature vintages of Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, Austria, Germany, Italy, California, and other fine wine regions of the world. These outstanding wines have been carefully selected, shipped, and stored under temperature and humidity controlled conditions, every step of the way. Your enjoyment is assured by the “Guillermo Ramis Selection” label that indicates the quality and originality of the wines distinguished to wear it.

Ambrosia Fine Wines provides professional consulting services regarding the acquisition, investment, sale, transport, and storage of fine wines as well as the construction and maintenance of fine wine cellars.

Additionally, we offer our clients “vineyard-to-door” services for the acquisition and collection of fine wines, consolidation of orders, storage solutions, as well as temperature and humidity controlled shipping of fine wines acquired abroad for import into the United States and Puerto Rico. These services cover everything: sourcing, label approval, custom brokerage and clearance, payment of all applicable taxes, and delivery.

For more information about our range of services or a quotation, please contact Guillermo Ramis directly at or call (787) 782-4343 for more information.

Our Philosophy

Wine is neither a status symbol nor an accountrement; it is a unique way of enjoying life. One does not need a title to preside or need a wine to charm – but the charmer owns many wines, which describe his personality. There is elegance, daring, adventure, a nose of excitement, a taste of romance but above all, a sense of occasion. Wine, everything is there!


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Ambrosia Fine Foods & Wines imports, distributes, ships, and markets exclusive brands of fine wines.

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