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Ronco Calino: A “Green” and Organic Vineyard

The desire to take maximum care of the beauty that surrounds them led Ronco Calino to make concrete decisions to create a “green” vineyard. They took the initiative to move from sustainable to organic agriculture, revolutionizing the relationship between man and nature, and between the human resource dedicated to the field and the vineyard.

However, this was not enough for Ronco Calino.

They reflected on possible solutions, and the first thought was the energy that “nourishes” the winery. The choice fell on renewable sources. For this reason, today they use a photovoltaic panel system and a co-generator that contributes 20KW per day. What is left comes from the grid, but only from sustainable sources (“Geogreen” hydroelectric plants), which are certified by the “Guarantee of Origin”, an electronic certificate confirming their “green” origin.

Always thinking about energy, they installed in the parking lot a charging station for electric vehicles, including Tesla, which are the only ones offered to visitors in Franciacorta.

They had another idea in mind: to be able to cool the basement rooms naturally. They achieved this thanks to a complex system of pipes through which rainwater, extracted from a specific well, flows.                              

Regarding the water issue, a critical problem arose with the washing of the sprinklers used for biological treatments in the vineyard. 

 Since they wanted to avoid loading the soil with sewage, they created a “biological bed”, an inlet bed that collects the effluents. The latter are purified thanks to a natural substrate with microorganisms (fungi and bacteria), which degrade pesticides.

All these options greatly reduce the environmental impact of Ronco Calino, which is measured by I.Ta.Ca, the “Studio Agronomico Sata” algorithm used to evaluate the carbon footprint, which is the “weight” of carbon dioxide emissions from the cellars.

The objective of Ronco Calino is to bring the result of the calculation as close to a “zero carbon” footprint as possible through virtuous daily practices.

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