In 1994, after much consideration, Ezio cocito (pronounced Co-cheetoe) embarked on the advice of his longtime friend Giorgio Rivetti of La Spinetta. He pulled up the Moscato vine in his family’s tiny 1 hectare high elevation vineyard in Nieve and replanted to Nebbiolo to pursue the dream of making great Barbaresco.

“I have two passions in my life: horses and Barbaresco. It’s through these passions that Giorgio and I have become great friends. I have taught Giorgio much about horses and he has tought me much about Barbaresco.”

With Ezio’s grand dreams of making truly great wine, he collaborated with Giorgio to not only help him in the vineyard but in the winery. Production is very small, between only 300-400 six-pack cases a year. The wine is vinified and aged at the La Spinetta winery and only Riserva is produced with extended bottle aging.

“I’ve always believed that if you can’t do something right, you shouldn’t do it at all. This is why we produce only one wine and only produce our wine in exceptional vintages.

Especial $65.50

Reg. $78.21 c/u

Por Caja de 6 - $359.99

$59.99 Por Botella


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